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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Assessing drought in the drylands of northeast Brazil under regional warming exceeding 4 °CMarengo, Jose A.; Cunha, Ana Paula M. A.; Nobre, Carlos A.; Ribeiro Neto, Germano G.; Magalhaes, Antonio R.; Torres, Roger R.; Sampaio, Gilvan; Alexandre, Felipe; Alves, Lincoln M.; Cuartas, Luz A.; Leal, Karinne Reis Deusdará; Álvala, Regina C. S.
2018Drought monitoring and impacts assessment in Brazil: The CEMADEN experienceCunha, Ana Paula Martins do Amaral; Marengo, J.A.; Cuartas, Luz Adriana; Tomasella, Javier; Leal, Karinne Reis Deusdará
2019Extreme Drought Events over Brazil from 2011 to 2019Cunha, Ana Paula M. A.; Zeri, Marcelo; Leal, Karinne Reis Deusdará; Costa, Lidiane; Cuartas, Luz Adriana
2020Implications of the New Operational Rules for Cantareira Water System: Re-Reading the 2014-2016 Water CrisisLeal, Karinne Reis Deusdará; Cuartas, Reis Luz Adriana; Zhang, Rong; Mohor, Guilherme S.; Carvalho, Luíz Valério de Castro; Nobre, Carlos Afonso; Mendiondo, Eduardo Mario; Broedel, Elisângela; Seluchi, Marcelo Enrique; Alvalá, Regina Célia dos Santos
2017Rainwater chemistry and bulk atmospheric deposition in a tropical semiarid ecosystem: the Brazilian CaatingaLeal, Karinne Reis Deusdará; Forti, M. C.; Borma, L. S.; Menezes, R. S. C.; Lima, J. R. S.; Ometto, J. P. H. B.
2018Season‐based rainfall–runoff modelling using the probability‐distributed model (PDM) for large basins in southeastern Brazil.Zhang, Rong; Cuartas, Luz Adriana; Carvalho, Luiz Valerio de Castro; Leal, Karinne Reis Deusdará; Mendiondo, Eduardo Mário; Abe, Narumi; Birkinshaw, Stephen; Mohor, Guilherme Samprogna; Seluchi, Marcelo Enrique; Nobre, Carlos Afonso