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dc.contributor.authorVigelis, Rui Facundo-
dc.contributor.authorAndrade, Luiza Helena Félix de-
dc.contributor.authorCavalcante, Charles Casimiro-
dc.identifier.citationCAVALCANTE, C. C.; ANDRADE, L. H. F.; VIGÉLIS, R. F. Conditions for the existence of a generalization of Rényi divergence. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, [s.l.], v. 558, 2020. DOI:
dc.description.abstractWe give necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a generalization of Rényi divergence, which is defined in terms of a deformed exponential function. If the underlying measure is non-atomic, we found that not all deformed exponential functions can be used in the generalization of Rényi divergence; a condition involving the deformed exponential function is provided. In the case is purely atomic (the counting measure on the set of natural numbers), we show that any deformed exponential function can be used in the generalization.pt_BR
dc.publisherPhysica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applicationspt_BR
dc.subjectGeneralized divergencept_BR
dc.subjectRényi entropypt_BR
dc.subjectInformation geometrypt_BR
dc.subjectExistence conditionspt_BR
dc.subjectEntropia (Teoria da informação)pt_BR
dc.titleConditions for the existence of a generalization of Rényi divergencept_BR
dc.typeArtigo de Periódicopt_BR
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