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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Urinary incontinence in pregnant women : integrative review
Authors: Martins, Eveliny Silva
Pinheiro, Ana Karina Bezerra
Aquino, Priscila de Souza
Oriá, Mônica Oliveira Batista
Castro, Régia Christina Moura Barbosa
Lima, Diego Jorge Maia
Andrade, Karízia Vilanova
Sousa, Carla Suellen Pires de
Holanda, Sâmia Monteiro
Keywords: Qualidade de Vida;Urinary Incontinence;Incontinência Urinária
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: Open Journal of Nursing
Citation: MARTINS, E. S. et al. Urinary incontinence in pregnant women : integrative review. Open Journal of Nursing, v. 6, p. 229-238, mar. 2016.
Abstract: Objective: To characterize the scientific production related to the impact of urinary incontinence on quality of life of pregnant women. Method: An integrative review carried out from September 2014 to May 2015. The search was conducted in six databases, and a final sample of seventeen publications was presented. The data were presented in tables. Results: Incontinence related factors are: Being older, second pregnancy, multiparity, constipation, smoking, and obesity. Stress incontinence is the most occurring in pregnant women, causing an adverse impact on quality of life. Discussion: It is for health professionals who try to create effective coping strategies for minimizing consequences generated by the accidental loss of urine. Conclusion: Urinary incontinence affects the mother’s life, resulting in social, behavioral, physical and emotional harm, taking this woman to be excluded from society and feel insecure about their health.
URI: Online: 2162-5344
ISSN: Print: 2162-5336
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