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Title in Portuguese: Perezone, from the gorgonian pseudopterogorgia rigida, induces oxidative stress in human leukemia cells
Author: Abreu, Paula Araújo de
Wilke, Diego V.
Araujo, Ana J.
Marinho-Filho, José Delano B.
Ferreira, Elthon G.
Ribeiro, Carlos Margo R.
Pinheiro, Leandro S.
Amorim, Juliana W.
Valverde, Alessandra L.
Epifanio, Rosângela A.
Costa-Lotufo, Letícia V.
Jimenez, Paula C.
Issue Date: Nov-2015
Publisher: Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia
Keywords: Estresse Oxidativo
Oxidative Stress
Citation: ABREU, P. A. et al. Perezone, from the gorgonian Pseudopterogorgia rigida, induces oxidative stress in human leukemia cells. Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, v. 25, n. 6, p. 634-640, nov./dec. 2015.
Abstract: Four bisabolanes 1–4, including perezone (1) and triacetyl perezone (2), were isolated through a bioassay-guided fractionation of the extract obtained from the Caribbean gorgonian coral Pseudopterogorgia rigida collected during an expedition cruise to the Bahamas. All isolated compounds showed to be cytotoxic toward panel of four human tumor cell lines, as quantified by the MTT assay after 72 h incubation. Perezone (1), the most active one, was further analyzed, showing to be cytotoxic, but not selective, in a 12-cell line panel comprising tumor and non-tumor, as well as human and murine cells. Additionally, 1 was assayed for cytotoxicity against HL-60 leukemic cells. Pre-treatment with an acute free radical scavenger (l-NAC) before exposure of cells to perezone virtually eliminated the generation of intracellular ROS and lessened its severe cytotoxicity. The protective effect delivered by l-NAC evidences that the mechanism of perezone-induced cytotoxicity is partially associated to production of ROS and a consequent induction of oxidative stress.
ISSN: 0102-695X
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