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Title in Portuguese: Assessment of undergraduate students in use of hypermedia education on peripheral venous punch
Author: Frota, Natasha Marques
Barros, Lívia Moreira
Pereira, Francisco Gilberto Fernandes
Silva, Máguida Gomes da
Nascimento, Jennara Candido do
Mariano, Monaliza Ribeiro
Caetano, Joselany Áfio
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: Health
Keywords: Tecnologia Educacional
Avaliação Educacional
Cateterismo Periférico
Citation: FROTA, N. M. et al. Assessment of undergraduate students in use of hypermedia education on peripheral venous punch. Health, Califórnia, v. 7, p. 423-429, abr. 2015.
Abstract: This is a qualitative study that aim s to describe the opinion of nursing students on the use of an educational hypermedia on Peripheral Venipuncture. We interviewed 16 nursing students of a private university on second semester of 2014. The interviews allowed the identification of units of meaning and categorization by content analysis and led to four categories: influence of hyper- media on learning, educational technology as support to teaching classroom, c ontribution of hypermedia for professional practice and access difficulties. Hypermedia showed positive results as most scholars reported t hat the material helped in learning and generated autonomy and int e- ractivity in the moment of studying. However some reported difficulties in access hypermedia r e- lated mainly to the server used. So hypermedia proved to be a valuable tool to use, since it favored the learning and aroused the interest and curiosity of students.
ISSN: Online: 1949-5005
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