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Mai-2016Gender and estrous cycle influences on behavioral and neurochemical alterations in adult rats neonatally administered ketamineBorella, Vládia Célia Moreira; Seeman, Mary V.; Cordeiro, Rafaela Carneiro; Santos, Júnia Vieira dos; Souza, Marcos Romário Matos de; Fernandes, Ethel Nunes de Sousa; Monte, Aline Santos; Vasconcelos, Silvânia Maria Mendes; Quinn, John P.; Lucena, David F. de; Carvalho, André F.; Macêdo, Danielle
Nov-2015Antimanic-like activity of candesartan in mice : possible involvement of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neurotrophic mechanismsGomes, Júlia Ariana de Souza; Souza, Greicy Coelho de; Berk, Michael; Cavalcante, Lígia Menezes; Sousa, Francisca Cléa F. de; Budni, Josiane; Lucena, David Freitas de; Quevedo, João; Carvalho, André F.; Macêdo, Danielle
Abr-2017An exploratory study of the heterogeneity of the jealousy phenomenon and its associations with affective temperaments and psychopathological dimensions in a large Brazilian sampleLima, Amanda B.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Stubbs, Brendon; Quevedo, João; Hyphantis, Thomas N.; Koyanagi, Ai; Marazziti, Donatella; Soares, Jair C.; Vieta, Eduard; Carvalho, André F.
Abr-2017Measuring a ff ective temperaments: a systematic review of validation studies of the Temperament Evaluation in Memphis Pisa and San Diego (TEMPS) instrumentsLima, Amanda B.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Stubbs, Brendon; Maciel, Beatriz R.; Cavalcante, Lígia M.; Vale, Antonio M. O.; Gonda, Xénia; Quevedo, João; Hyphantis, Thomas N.; Soares, Jair C.; Vieta, Eduard; Carvalho, André F.
Fev-2017Deficit, but not nondeficit, schizophrenia is characterized by mucosa-associated activation of the Tryptophan Catabolite (TRYCAT) pathway with highly specific increases in IgA responses directed to picolinic, xanthurenic, and quinolinic acidKanchanatawan, Buranee; Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Ruxrungtham, Kiat; Carvalho, André F.; Geffard, Michel; Ormstad, Heidi; Anderson, George; Maes, Michael
Out-2017Physical activity correlates among 24,230 people with depression across 46 low- and middle-income countriesVancampfort, Davy; Stubbs, Brendon Stubbs; Firth, Joseph; Hallgren, Mats; Schuc, Felipe; Lahti, Jouni; Rosenbaum, Simon; Ward, Philip B.; Mugisha, James; Carvalho, André F.; Koyanagi, Ai
Jun-2017IgM-mediated autoimmune responses to oxidative specific epitopes, but not nitrosylated adducts, are significantly decreased in pregnancy: association with bacterial translocation, perinatal and lifetime major depression and the tryptophan catabolite (TRYCAT) pathwayRoomruangwong, Chutima; Kanchanatawan, Buranee; Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Anderson, George; Carvalho, André F.; Duleu, Sebastien; Geffard, Michel; Maes, Michael
2017Thyroid autoimmunity in bipolar disorder : a systematic reviewBarbuti, Margherita; Carvalho, André F.; Köhlerc, Cristiano A.; Murru, Andrea; Verdolini, Norma Verdolini; Guiso, Giovanni; Samalin, Ludovic; Maes, Michael; Stubbs, Brendon; Perugi, Giulio; Vieta, Eduard; Pacchiarotti, Isabella
2017Lithium ameliorates sleep deprivation-induced mania-like behavior, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis alterations, oxidative stress and elevations in cytokine concentration in the brain and serum of mice.Valvassori, Samira S.; Resende, Wilson R.; Dal-Pont, Gustavo; Sangaletti-Pereira, Heron; Gava, Fernanda F.; Peterle, Bruna R.; Carvalho, André F.; Varela, Roger B.; Dal-Pizzol, Felipe; Quevedo, João
Jul-2017Depressive, anxiety and hypomanic symptoms in schizophrenia may be driven by tryptophan catabolite (TRYCAT) patterning of IgA and IgM responses directed to TRYCATsKanchanatawan, Buranee; Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Carvalho, André F.; Anderson, George; Galecki, Piotr; Maes, Michael