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Type: Capítulo de Livro
Title: Plurissaberes and live streaming in a university library: contributions of the First Scientific Journey of Filhas de Avalon Study Group
Authors: Santos, Francisco Edvander Pires
Mesquita, Ariádila Matos
Câmara, Yls Rabelo
Oliveira, Luiz Allan Silvestre de
Costa, Luan dos Santos Mendes
Fernandes, Joana D’Arc Páscoa Bezerra
Keywords: Academic library;Study group;Academic event;Plurissaberes;Live streaming
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Editora Diálogos
Citation: SANTOS, Francisco Edvander Pires; MESQUITA, Ariádila Matos; CÂMARA, Yls Rabelo; OLIVEIRA, Luiz Allan Silvestre de; COSTA, Luan dos Santos Mendes; FERNANDES, Joana D'Arc Páscoa Bezerra. Plurissaberes and live streaming in a university library: contributions of the first scientific journey of Filhas de Avalon Study Group. In: CÂMARA, Yls Rabelo (org.). Das brumas à luz: escritoras internacionais em pauta. Tutóia, MA: Diálogos, 2023. v. 1, cap. 19, p. 593-634.
Abstract: This chapter presents the contributions of one of the events organized by this study group in partnership with the Plurissaberes Project: the First Scientific Journey of Filhas de Avalon Study Group, carried out through live streaming transmedia (transmission live) on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, promoting the production of audiovisual content in a university library. As part of the methodology, we will discuss the methodological procedures that underpinned our data collection and analysis – among them, bibliographical, documental, exploratory, netnographic and quantitative and qualitative research. In the theoretical framework, which supported the writing of this work, we detail the contextualization of the theme in the macro universe of audiovisual production, in which the universe of live streaming is inserted, in an approach about infocommunication, interdisciplinarity, scientific communication and transmedia phenomenon. At the results and discussions section, we will present the Plurissaberes Project based on actions developed since its genesis. Then, we will discuss the contributions of the I Scientific Journey of Filhas de Avalon Study Group to the audiovisual content production routine at BCH. In this regard, the lectures recorded simultaneously for the two YouTube channels (Plurissaberes and Filhas de Avalon) were essential, as well as the questions shared by the public in the live chat during the event.
ISBN: 978-65-89932-61-1
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