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Type: Artigo de Evento
Title: Complexação dos íons cobre e mercúrio em quitosana natural e modificada quimicamente
Title in English: Complexation of copper and mercury ions by natural and chemically modified chitosan
Authors: Vieira, Rodrigo Silveira
Beppu, Marisa Masumi
Keywords: Engenharia química
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Congresso Brasileiro de Polímeros
Citation: VIEIRA, R. S.; BEPPU, M. M. Complexação dos íons cobre e mercúrio em quitosana natural e modificada quimicamente. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE POLÍMEROS, 8., 2005, Águas de Lindóia. Anais... Águas de Lindóia: CBPol, 2005. p. 366-367.
Abstract: The complexation of copper and mercury with chitosan was investigated using spectrophotometric method. The study of the nature of the complexes involved demonstrated that chitosan-Cu(II) complex are different when chitosan is crosslinked with glutaraldehyde and that the complexation model chitosan-Cu(II) possibly has structures as [Cu(- NH 2)]2+ in the case of natural and epichlorohydrin-crosslinked chitosan, following mainly the “pendant model”. Glutaraldehyde-crosslinked chitosan-Hg(II) complex showed only a peak at pH = 6,0, while the natural and epichlorohydrin-crosslinked chitosan–Hg(II) presented two peaks indicating two structures that are possible (such as [Hg(-NH 2)] 2+ e [Hg(-NH 2) 2]2+ , following either “pendant” and “bridge models”).
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