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Title in Portuguese: Controllogger: A remote monitoring system for decentralized renewable energy sources
Author: Brito, Fábio Timbó
Jucá, Sandro César Silveira
Carvalho, Paulo Cesar Marques de
Keywords: Renewable energy
Acquisition system
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality
Citation: BRITO, F. T.; JUCÁ, S. C. S.; CARVALHO, P. C. M. Controllogger: A remote monitoring system for decentralized renewable energy sources. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RENEWABLE ENERGIES AND POWER QUALITY, 2012, Santiago de Compostela. Anais... Santiago de Compostela: ICREPQ, 2012. p. 683-686.
Abstract: The development of a remote monitoring and control system for decentralized renewable energy plants is described in the present paper. The system has a microcontroller-based unit for local storing and data transmission to internet by a GSM modem and a database server to store the data. The proposed architecture is easily extended for controlling a decentralized renewable energy plant by a remote operator. Correlations and performance tests are used to compare the data collected by the system prototype with data collected by a commercial data acquisition system. The results indicate that the Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) is 0.103 m/s for the wind speed measurement and the correlation factor is greater than 0.9996. Overall, the low errors rates indicate that the data have been stored in a similar form to what would be expected with the use of a commercial data logger.
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