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Title in Portuguese: Photovoltaic powered irrigation system applied to familiar agriculture
Author: Chilundo, Rosa Jacob
Carvalho, Paulo Cesar Marques de
Diniz, Magilce Maria Nogueira
Bezerra, Antônio Marcos Esmeraldo
Keywords: Photovoltaic pumping
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality
Citation: CHILUNDO, R. J. et al. Photovoltaic powered irrigation system applied to familiar agriculture. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RENEWABLE ENERGIES AND POWER QUALITY, 2015, Corunha. Anais... Corunha: ICREPQ, 2015. p. 95-100.
Abstract: This paper aims to analyze the technical and financial feasibility of a stand-alone photovoltaic powered irrigation system applied to a familiar production unit. The agricultural unit was installed in the Center for Teaching and Research in Urban Agriculture (NEPAU), which operates in partnership with the Alternative Energy Laboratory (LEA), both located at the PICI campus of the Federal University of Ceará. The unit occupies a floor area of 134 m2, with a water reservoir that simulates a pond, lake or well with capacity of 3534 liters, a 12 VDC pump motor and a photovoltaic module of 135 Wp. The efficiencies of photovoltaic module, pump and global set were 8.4%, 42% and 3.5%, respectively. The assumed service life is 25 years and the capital returns after 9,3 years.
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