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Title in Portuguese: Proposal of a low cost high frequency isolation high power factor AC-DC-AC power supply
Author: Bascopé, René Pastor Torrico
Bezerra, Luiz Daniel Santos
Costa, Levy Ferreira
Lima, Francisco Kleber de Araújo
Cruz, Cícero Marcos Tavares
Keywords: Power factor correction
DC-AC converter
Flyback converter
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Congresso Brasileiro de Eletrônica de Potência
Citation: BASCOPÉ, R. P. T. et al. Proposal of a low cost high frequency isolation high power factor AC-DC-AC power supply. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ELETRÔNICA DE POTÊNCIA, 11., 2011, Natal. Anais... Natal: COBEP, 2011. p. 871-876.
Abstract: This paper proposes a low cost double conversion power line conditioner with high frequency isolation, high input power factor, full-range input voltage varying among 90Vac-264Vac and 115Vac output voltage. The rectifier with power factor correction is based on flyback converter using the critical current mode control. The inverter is based on full-bridge topology with digital control implemented in a DSPic30F2020 microcontroller. This system is suitable for application with loads which require a high quality sinusoidal voltage. System description, theoretical analysis and experimental results for a 500W implemented prototype are shown in this paper.
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