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Title in Portuguese: A double boost converter with PFC and Series/Parallel inputs connection for UPS systems
Author: Barboza Júnior, José Ailton Leão
Bascopé, René Pastor Torrico
Lima, Francisco Kleber de Araújo
Cruz, Cícero Marcos Tavares
Keywords: Electrical engineering
Conversores de corrente elétrica
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: International Conference on Industry Applications
Citation: B. JR, J. A. L. et al. A double boost converter with PFC and Series/Parallel inputs connection for UPS systems. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS, 10., 2012, Fortaleza. Anais... Fortaleza: IEEE/IAS, 2012. p. 1-7.
Abstract: This paper presents a double boost converter with power factor correction (PFC) suitable for parallel/series connected inputs, depending on the grid voltage value. Using the proposed converter is possible to eliminate the low-frequency autotransformer in input of the converter which allows UPS operation with two input voltage values (110V and 220V). The control strategy is based on the average current mode control and applied to both converters, in order to provide power factor correction and output voltage regulation. The simulation results for a 2.4 kW proposed converter are presented in order to demonstrate the proposed ideas.
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