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Title in Portuguese: A DCM Three-Phase high frequency Semi-Controlled rectifier feasible for low power wecs based on a permanent magnet generator
Author: Oliveira Júnior, Demercil de Souza
Barreto, Luiz Henrique Silva Colado
Antunes, Fernando Luiz Marcelo
Silva, Maria Izabel Batista Vieira
Queiroz, Débora Lima
Rangel, Amanda Rodrigues
Keywords: Power electronics
Electrical engineering
Wind energy conversion system
Retificador de corrente elétrica
Fator de potência elétrica
Sistema de conversão de energia eólica
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Congresso Brasiliero de Eletrônica de Potência
Citation: OLIVEIRA JR, D. S. et al. A DCM three-phase high frequency semi-controlled rectifier feasible for low power wecs based on a permanent magnet generator. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ELETRÔNICA DE POTÊNCIA, 10., 2009, Bonito. Anais... Bonito: COBEP, 2011. p. 1193-1199.
Abstract in Portuguese: This paper proposes the use of a three-phase high frequency semi-controlled rectifier operating in the discontinuous conduction mode, feasible for small wind energy conversion systems based on permanent magnet generator. The main advantages of the topology are: simple gate drive circuits, since all active switches of the rectifier are connected to a common point; robustness, as short circuit through a leg is not possible; high efficiency due to reduced number of elements; simplicity since the DCM operation avoid feedback circuits and sensors as well as it allows open loop control. As a disadvantage, higher but acceptable THD of the generator currents results. The complete operation of the converter and theoretical analysis are presented. Additionally, a conventional single-phase PWM inverter is also employed in the grid connection. Experimental results on 1.6 kW prototype are presented and discussed.
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