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Type: Artigo de Evento
Title: Reference tracking of a nonholonomic mobile robot using sensor fusion techniques and linear control
Authors: Forte, Marcus Davi do Nascimento
Correia, Wilkley Bezerra
Nogueira, Fabrício Gonzalez
Torrico, Bismark Claure
Keywords: Linear control systems;Control;Robot kinematics
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Conference on Advances in Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control
Citation: FORTE, M. D. N. et al. Reference tracking of a nonholonomic mobile robot using sensor fusion techniques and linear control. In: CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN PROPORTIONAL-INTEGRAL-DERIVATIVE CONTROL, 3., 2018, Gante. Anais... Gante: IFAC, 2018. p. 364-369.
Abstract: This paper presents the control design of a nonholonomic mobile robot with differential drive using control strategies on a linearized space state error model. In this case, a diagonal multi-variable model is obtained for which a decentralized PI controller may be designed. In this paper, PI tuning is performed through a LQR problem whose feedback gains are set as the proportional gain of the PI controller. The use of an Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) allows for a precise posture feedback by using a Kalman Filter on the output of the sensors. For such purpose, a Sensor Fusion technique is also needed in order to combine multiple sensor output so that physical limitations of each sensor may be compensated.
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