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Title in Portuguese: Anti-windup dead-time compensation for stable and integrative first-order dead-time processes
Author: Torrico, Bismark Claure
Lima, Thiago Alves
Almeida Filho, Magno Prudêncio de
Nogueira, Fabrício Gonzalez
Rios, Clauson Sales do Nascimento
Pereira, René Descartes Olímpio
Schmidlin Júnior, Celso Rogério
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira de Automática (SBA) -; Galoá Science - - ttps://
Keywords: Dead-time compensator
Actuator saturation
Time delay systems
Citation: TORRICO, Bismark Claure; LIMA, Thiago Alves; ALMEIDA FILHO, Magno Prudencio de; NOGUEIRA, Fabrício Gonzalez; RIOS, Clauson Sales do Nascimento; PEREIRA, René Descartes Olímpio; SCHMIDLIN JUNIOR, Celso Rogerio. Anti-windup dead-time compensation for stable and integrative first-order dead-time processes. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE AUTOMÁTICA, XXII., 9 a 12 set., 2018, João Pessoa - PB - Brasil. Anais[…], Campinas, Galoá, v.1, n. 1 (2019): CBA2018.
Abstract: This work proposes an anti-windup structure for the ltered Smith predictor (FSP) which belongs to a class of dead-time compensators (DTCs). The proposed FSP structure does not use any extra tuning parameter due to the anti-windup characteristic. In addition stability analysis is presented based on describing function method to show robustness properties of the controller. Simulation results are used to compare the obtained solution with other anti-windup DTCs and a constrained model-based predictive controller (MPC). Experimental results on a neonatal intensive care unit are presented in order to shown the usefulness of the proposed controller.
ISSN: 2525-8311
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