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Title in Portuguese: Nuclear genome size variation in fleshy-fruited Neotropical Myrtaceae
Author: Costa, Itayguara Ribeiro da
Dornelas, Marcelo Carnier
Forni-Martins, Eliana Regina
Keywords: Chromosome number
DNA 2C-value
Flow cytometry
Genome size
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Plant Systematics and Evolution
Citation: COSTA, Itayguara Ribeiro da; DORNELAS, Marcelo Carnier; FORNI-MARTINS, Eliana Regina. Nuclear genome size variation in fleshy-fruited Neotropical Myrtaceae. Plant Systematics and Evolution, [s. l.], v. 276, p. 209-217, 2008.
Abstract: In Myrtaceae, reports regarding the nuclear DNA content are scarce. The aim of this study is to present genome size data for fleshy-fruited Myrteae, and to test their relation with chromosome number and ploidy, the available data for cytoevolutionary studies in Myrtaceae. Thirty species out of ten genera were investigated for chromosome number and genome size using flow cytometry. Twenty-eight species were diploid with 2n = 2x = 22 and two species were tetraploid with 2n = 4x = 44. All genome sizes measured are new. Among the diploid species, a gradual and small variation in 2C-values (0.486 pg in Gomidesia schaueriana to 0.636 pg in Eugenia multicostata) was observed, whereas the tetraploid genomes of Psidium acutangulum and P. cattleianum had about twice as much DNA (1.053 and 1.167 pg, respectively). The total interspecific variation of C-values was 2.45-fold. The fleshy-fruited Myrteae have smaller holoploid genomes than the capsular-fruited Eucalypteae and Melaleuceae.
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