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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Marine benthic communities affected by the Doce River (southwestern Atlantic): baseline before a mining disaster
Authors: Cascon, Helena Matthews
Bezerra, Luís Ernesto Arruda
Barroso, Cristiane Xerez
Rabay, Soraya Guimarães
Moreira, Ana karla
Rocha, Valesca Paula
Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira
Keywords: Baseline assessment;Tailings dam;Benthic ecology;Brazil;Macrofauna;Southwestern Atlantic
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Citation: CASCON, Helena Matthews et al. Marine benthic communities affected by the Doce River (southwestern Atlantic): baseline before a mining disaster. Marine Pollution Bulletin, [s. l.], v. 135, p. 1000-1006, 2018.
Abstract: Prior to Brazil's worst environmental disaster, caused by a mining dam collapse, we had carried out a study of the marine benthic macrofauna (11–51 m depth) under the influence of the Doce River. Our results showed significant diversity, in which mollusks, polychaetes, and crustaceans had the highest frequency, density, and abundance, represented by 162 families in summer and 173 in winter. Our results suggested that richness, abundance, and diversity increase with distance from the coast. Furthermore, with increasing distance from the coast and river mouth, in addition to increasing depth, there was a differentiation in composition and abundance. Multivariate analyses showed depth, carbonate, and organic matter as important factors that explain variations in composition and diversity across the continental shelf. The results could provide an invaluable baseline for measuring the effects on shallow and mesophotic communities of one of the largest tailings dam failures worldwide.
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