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Title in Portuguese: Systematic consideration of petiole anatomy of species of Echinodorus Richard (Alismataceae) from north-eastern Brazil
Author: Matias, Lígia Queiroz
Soares, Arlete
Scatena, Vera Lúcia
Keywords: Echinodorus
Aquatic plants
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Flora
Citation: MATIAS, Lígia Queiroz; SOARES, Arlete; Scatena, Vera Lúcia. Systematic consideration of petiole anatomy of species of Echinodorus Richard (Alismataceae) from north-eastern Brazil. Flora, [s.l.], v. 202, p. 395–402, 2007.
Abstract: Petiole anatomy of the north-eastern Brazilian species Echinodorus glandulosus, E. palaefolius, E. pubescens, E. subalatus, E. lanceolatus and E. paniculatus were examined. All species had petioles with an epidermis composed of tabular cells with thin walls. The chlorenchyma just below the epidermis alternates with collateral vascular bundles. The interior of the petiole is filled by aerenchyma with ample open spaces or lacunas. The lacunas are bridged at intervals by plates, or by diaphragm-like linkages. There are lactiferous ducts and groups of fibres throughout the entire length of the petiole, but more frequently in the chlorenchyma. Important taxonomic characteristics for the genus Echinodorus include the shape and outline of the petiole in transversal section, the presence of winged extensions, and the number of vascular bundle arcs. Exceptions occur in E. lanceolatus and E. paniculatus, whose petioles have similar anatomic patterns. A comparative chart of the petiole anatomic characteristics analyzed is presented.
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ISSN: 0367-2530
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