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Title in Portuguese: Nutritive and non-nutritive attributes of washed-up seaweeds from the coast of Ceará, Brazil
Author: Oliveira, Maria Nilka de
Freitas, Ana Lúcia Ponte
Carvalho, Ana Fontenele Urano
Sampaio, Thereza Maria Tavares
Farias, Davi Felipe
Teixeira, Dárlio Inácio Alves
Gouveia, Sandro Thomaz
Pereira, Juliana Gomes
Sena, Marijú Marrir de Castro Catanho de
Keywords: Washed-up seaweeds
Nutritive attributes
Non-nutritive attributes
Food alternative
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: OLIVEIRA, Maria Nilka de et al. Nutritive and non-nutritive attributes of washed-up seaweeds from the coast of Ceará, Brazil. Food Chemistry, [s.l.], v. 115, p. 254-259, 2009.
Abstract: This study assesses the nutritive and non-nutritive attributes of washed-up seaweeds from the Brazilian coast. It covers a broad diversity of species (24 red, nine green and four brown) with reasonable levels of proteins (10–14.8%), high ash contents (13–25%), low lipids (below 1%) and high carbohydrate contents (60%). Toxic and/or antinutritional factors were detected, such as low levels of lectins (32 and 64 HU/g of meal for chicken and rabbit trypsin-treated erythrocytes, respectively), tannins (59 mg/100 g), phytic acid (0.45%), high levels of trypsin inhibitors (99.0% inhibition) and -amylase inhibitors (70.5%). The 0/80% fraction showed moderate toxicity to mice (LD50 of 63.8 mg kg 1 ). The presence of heavy metals such as cadmium (0.29 mg/100 g), chromium (0.23 mg/100 g), nickel (0.26 mg/100 g) and vanadium (3.56 mg/100 g) was also detected. Despite moderate toxicity and antinutritional limitations, washed up seaweeds represent a potential food alternative for humans after appropriate processing and environ mental remediation to guarantee food safety.
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ISSN: 0308-8146
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