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Title in Portuguese: Caracterização do petróleo no software HYSYS
Author: Rocha, Lucas Barros
Sant'Ana, Hosiberto Batista de
Ferreira, Andrea Lopes de Oliveira
Silva, Giovanilton Ferreira da
Keywords: Aspen HYSYS
Petróleo - Curva PEV
Petróleo - Análise físico-química
Curva PEV
Software HYSYS
Petróleo - Destilação
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: ROCHA, Lucas Barros; SANT'ANA, Hosiberto Batista de; FERREIRA, Andrea Lopes de Oliveira; SILVA, Giovanilton Ferreira da. Caracterização do petróleo no software HYSYS. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE PESQUISA E DESENVOLVIMENTO EM PETRÓLEO E GÁS, 05º., 18 a 22 out. 2009, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil. Anais[…] Fortaleza, Ceará, 2009.
Abstract: The oil was characterized in the software, where the input data are volume of liquid x boiling temperature, volume of liquid x specific density and amount of light (methane, ethane, propane, butane, etc.), in which has a distillation curve and make the cuts under the track temperature. Each oil has its distillation curve. There are several methodologies for construction of the distillation curves, such as ASTM D-86, ASTM D-1160, ASTM D-2887, and they differ as pressure and temperature used, product and type of apparatus. The "Oil Environment” (HYSYS) provides the introduction of input data where the characteristics of the oil can be represented by using hypothetical components. The method of characterization in HYSYS converts its analysis of crude oil in a series of hypothetical components. The program produces a full group of physical and critical properties for hypothetical components with a minimum of information. From the curve with the input data, the software generates the other curves (ASTM) by correlations. This also generates a graph of the distribution of volume fractions as a function of temperature of each fraction.
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