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dc.contributor.authorAguiar, Victor de Paula Brandão-
dc.contributor.authorPontes, Ricardo Silva Thé-
dc.contributor.authorFerreira, Fernando José Teixeira Estêvão-
dc.identifier.citationAGUIAR, V. de P. B.; PONTES, R. S. T.; FERREIRA, F. J. T. E. Technical and economic evaluation of efficiency improvement after rewinding in low-power induction motors: a brazilian case. Energies, v. 11, n. 7, p. 1701-18, jul. 2018.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractNowadays the economic analysis of an induction motor’s life cycle is the clearest way to measure the viability of actions to promote energy-efficient technologies to the end user. The cost effectiveness in motors replacement by energy-efficient motors is a well-known practice that leads to energy savings, however this paper presents the cost-effectiveness of low-power induction motors which have their efficiency improved after rewinding. This process improves the investment viability and brings the greatest financial and energetic savings. In this paper, low-power induction motors are rewound and their efficiencies are measured by tests A and B from IEEE standard 112/2017. The rewound motors have better cost-effectiveness than replacement by IE3/Premium and even IE4/Super-Premium units. The rewound motors increase between 3 and 4 percentage points in relation to former efficiency and the payback is less than 2 years, regardless of the efficiency measurement method.pt_BR
dc.subjectEngenharia elétricapt_BR
dc.subjectEnergia elétrica - Otimizaçãopt_BR
dc.subjectStator windingpt_BR
dc.subjectEquivalent circuitpt_BR
dc.subjectEfficiency measurementpt_BR
dc.subjectLife cycle costspt_BR
dc.subjectNet savingspt_BR
dc.subjectIndustrial motorspt_BR
dc.titleTechnical and economic evaluation of efficiency improvement after rewinding in low-power induction motors: a brazilian casept_BR
dc.typeArtigo de Periódicopt_BR
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