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Title in Portuguese: In vitro evaluation of the curcumin against fluconazole-resistant strains of Candida spp. and Cryptococcus neoformans
Author: Freitas, Daniel Domingues
Silva, Cecília Rocha da
Andrade Neto, João Batista de
Campos, Rosana de Sousa
Sampaio, Letícia Serpa
Nascimento, Francisca Bruna Stefany Aires do
Josino, Maria Aparecida Alexandre
Silva, Lisandra Juvêncio da
Queiroz, Helaine Almeida
Barroso, Fátima D. D.
Mesquita, Jacó R. L.
Grangeiro, Thalles Barbosa
Fonseca, Said Gonçalves da Cruz
Cavalcanti, Bruno Coêlho
Moraes Filho, Manoel Odorico de
Nobre Júnior, Hélio Vitoriano
Keywords: Curcumina
Cryptococcus neoformans
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences
Citation: FREITAS, Daniel Domingues et al. In vitro evaluation of the curcumin against fluconazole-resistant strains of Candida spp. and Cryptococcus neoformans. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci., v. 7, n. 4, p. 1191-1202, 2018.
Abstract: The isolates of Candida spp. and Cryptococcus neoformans were inhibited by curcumin, with different degrees of inhibition among species, with MICs ranging from 8-64 μg/mL. After exposure of the C. albicans strains to curcumin, it was observed a decrease in the number of viable cells and damage to cell membranes, the mitochondrial function of C. albicans cells appears to be affected after exposure to curcumin. Our data suggest that after exposure to curcumin, C. albicans cells showed total strand breaks in the DNA, where the nuclear DNA fragmentation was evident in the comet assay. Oxidative damage to DNA was verified by the alkaline comet assay in the presence of Fpg, where it was observed an increase in DNA migration of cells that were treated with curcumin. Based on the characteristics of cell death observed, it is raised the hypothesis that curcumin seems to exert its antifungal activity at specific sites near the DNA, resulting in cell death by apoptosis.
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ISSN: 2319-7706
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