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Title in Portuguese: Uso da música no controle da ansiedade em ambulatório de cabeça e pescoço : ensaio clínico randomizado
Other Titles: Uso de música en el control de la ansiedad en clínicas externas de cabeza y cuello: ensayo clínico aleatorizado
Title: Control of anxiety through music in a head and neck outpatient clinic: a randomized clinical tria
Author: Firmeza, Mariana Alves
Rodrigues, Andrea Bezerra
Melo, Geórgia Alcântara Alencar
Aguiar, Maria Isis Freire de
Cunha, Gilmara Holanda da
Oliveira, Patrícia Peres de
Grangeiro, Alex Sandro de Moura
Keywords: Ansiedade
Enfermagem Oncológica
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP
Citation: FIRMEZA, M. A. et al. Uso da música no controle da ansiedade em ambulatório de cabeça e pescoço: ensaio clínico randomizado. Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP, São Paulo, v. 51, p. 1-8, mar. 2017.
Abstract: Objective: Evaluating the effectiveness of a musical intervention in reducing anxiety and vital parameters in people suffering from head and neck cancer. Method: A randomized controlled clinical trial, performed in a head and neck outpatient clinic with 40 participants, subdivided into two groups (intervention and control). The classical music “Spring” from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi was used as an intervention. The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) was used as the data collection instrument, along with an inventory of socio-demographic and clinical data. Student’s t-test was used to verify intragroup and intergroup statistical significance. Results: Participants presented a statistically significant reduction in levels of perceived anxiety (t = 12.68; p<0.001), as well as blood pressure levels (t = 4.56; p<0.001); pulse (t = 6.15; p<0.001) and respiratory rate (t = 5.10; p<0.001). Conclusion: Music has proven to be an effective non-pharmacological therapeutic resource in managing anxiety in an outpatient setting for people with cancer, as well as in reducing blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate. Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials: RBR-7W4YJJ.
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