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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The use of translation activities in a 9th grade EFL classroom: testing the improvement of reading skillsCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Silva, Gilvan Kelton Almeida da
2019Decision-making for next lesson planning based on previous class: experience report on a pedagogical residence project in english as a foreign language class in BrazilCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Silva, Marcelly de Souza
2019Grouping strategies developed in a 9th grade classCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Oliveira, Paulo Sérgio Pereira de
2020Sirius Black: uma análise do livro e do filme Harry Potter e o Prisioneiro de AzkabanSilva, Carlos Augusto Viana da; Rodrigues, Úlima Silva
2020Possíveis efeitos cognitivos do bilinguismo: o que pesquisadores nos dizemCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Silva, Evelyn Batista da
2018The challenges to learn english in a public school context by the eyes of the students – a case studyCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Alves, Janyelle Lima
2019Some features of the audiolingual method observed in an 8th grade english bookCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Sousa, Luzimara Silva de
2020The english language learner as a protagonistCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Vaz, Eurico Mayer
2019Reflections of a systemic bilingual teacher about language acquisition in a summer immersion experienceCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Oliveira, Francisco Rodrigo Soares
2020An overview on the preparation of the english teachers at our public schoolsCardoso, Lídia Amélia de Barros; Rodrigues, Marcos Antônio Feitoza