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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Evidence for the cancer patients’ pain management : an integrative review
Authors: Rocha, Suzy Ramos
Aquino, Caroline Batista de Queiroz
Mendes, Cláudia Rayanna Silva
Santos, Míria Conceição Lavinas
Fernandes, Ana Fátima Carvalho
Moreira, Camila Brasil
Oliveira, Rosy Denyse Pinheiro de
Benevides, Jordana Prado
Barreto, Ana Cristina Oliveira
Barbosa, Rebeca Bandeira
Keywords: Dor Crônica;Cuidados de Enfermagem;Nursing Care
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: International Archives of Medicine
Citation: ROCHA, S. R. et al. Evidence for the cancer patients’ pain management : an integrative review. International Archives of Medicine, v. 9, n. 256, p. 1-7, 2016.
Abstract: Background: On cancer, pain is one of the most frequent and distressing symptoms, being present in all stages of the disease. Knowing that, this study aimed to analyze the available evidence in the literature about chronic pain management by nurses in adult patients with cancer. Methods and Results: It is an integrative review searched in the PUBMED, LILACS, CINAHL and COCHRANE databases. Nineteen studies met the inclusion criteria proposed in the study, most controlled clinical trials. The articles were analyzed and grouped into three thematic categories: health education (52.6%), clinical practice (36.9%) and complementary therapies (10.5%). Conclusion: The nurse has various means for better pain management, promoting effective assistance, minimizing possible barriers, promoting the autonomy of the patient and the ability to self-control, resulting in greater patient satisfaction.
ISSN: 1755-7682
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