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Title in Portuguese: Quick testing for sexually transmitted infections and factors related to the promotion of elderly health
Author: Andrade, Karízia Vilanova
Lima, Adman Câmara Soares
Andrade, Evanilde Vilanova
Martins, Eveliny Silva
Uchoa, Janaiana Lemos
Oliveira, Camila Almeida Neves de
Santos, Vanessa da Frota
Oriá, Monica Oliveira Batista
Aquino, Priscila de Souza
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: International Archives of Medicine
Keywords: Promoção da Saúde
Health Promotion
Citation: ANDRADE, K. V. et al. Quick testing for sexually transmitted infections and factors related to the promotion of elderly health. International Archives of Medicine, v. 9, n. 84, p. 1-8, maio, 2016.
Abstract: Objective: To analyze the search for the elderly to perform a quick testing. Method: A descriptive, quantitative, documentary study conducted with seniors who entered the Center for Quick Testing and Counseling, from June to August 2014, and analyzed in the form of percentages. Results: The demand for quick testing by the elderly is still incipient, since that, from the 1.314 members attending the service in the period analyzed, only 28 (2%) were more than 60 years old. Regarding the use of condoms in sexual relations, 21 (75%) aged not done with any partners. Among men there were identified 1 (4%) case of syphilis and 1 (4%) case of hepatitis B; among women, 1 (4%) case of hepatitis C. Conclusion: the expansion of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the elderly may be linked to a gap in prevention efforts related to this age group, being it a challenge to the current policies of public health.
ISSN: 1755-7682
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