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Type: Artigo de Evento
Title: Processamento da correferência interfrasal em relações de hierarquia semântica e proeminência sintática
Authors: Teixeira, Elisângela Nogueira
Soares, Maria Elias
Leitão, Márcio Martins
Keywords: Correferência;Resolução anafórica;Paralelismo semântico e sintático
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: TEIXEIRA, Elisângela Nogueira; SOARES, Maria Elias; LEITÃO, Márcio Martins. Processamento da correferência interfrasal em relações de hierarquia semântica e proeminência sintática. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DA ASSOCIAÇÃO PORTUGUESA DE LINGUÍSTICA, 18., 2013, Coimbra. Anais... Coimbra: Universidade do Algarve, 2013, p. 615-635.
Abstract: In this work, syntactic and semantic parallelisms are used to investigate relations of hyponym and hypernym between antecedent and coreferential anaphoric expression in Brazilian Portuguese. We report two studies using data from eyetracking experiments. Precisely, eye movements of 21 participants are analysed while reading a set composed of 40 sentences. Our results suggest that the coreferential processing cost for hypernym condition is lower than for hyponym condition. Although our findings corroborate previous studies on total reading times, different processing costs among constituents of the sentence could not be identified.
ISBN: 978-989-97440-2-8
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