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Title in Portuguese: A poesia insubmissa de Roberto Pontes
Author: Martins, Elizabeth Dias
Keywords: Poesia brasileira
Literatura brasileira - Poesia
Pontes, Roberto, 1944-
Poesia - Questoes politicas e eticas
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Nonada: letras em revista
Citation: MARTINS, Elizabeth Dias. A poesia insubmissa de Roberto Pontes. Nonada, Porto Alegre, v. 1, n. 22, p. 1-15, 2014.
Abstract in Portuguese: Neste artigo faz-se o estudo da poesia insubmissade Roberto Pontes, poeta da Geração 60 do séc. XX. A abordagem mostra que seus versos foram usados como arma para restabelecer a democracia no Brasil, ao lado de poetas que fizeram uso da palavra no combate à ditadura,no negro período iniciado com o golpe militar de 1º de abril de 1964. Esperamos deixar clara a dialética geradora da literatura inventiva-interventiva de quem combateu as atrocidades cometidas durante os chamados “anos de chumbo”.
Abstract: In the present article, it is conducted the study of the unsubmissivepoetry of Roberto Pontes, a poet of the generation of the sixties of the 20thcentury. The approach shows that his verses were used as weapons to reestablish the democratic order in Brazil, together with other poets that made use of the word in the combat to the dictatorship during the dark period that started with the military coup of April 1st1964. We hope to make clear the dialectic that generated the inventive/interventionalliterature of someone who combated the atrocities committed during the so-called “lead years”.
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ISSN: 2176-9893 (impresso)
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