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Title in Portuguese: Antioxidant properties of antiepileptic drugs levetiracetam and clonazepam in mice brain after in vitro - induced oxidative stress
Author: Oliveira, Aline de Albuquerque
Linhares, Maria Isabel
Chaves Filho, Adriano José Maia
Rios, Emiliano Ricardo Vasconcelos
Lima, Camila Nayane de Carvalho
Venancio, Edith Teles
Souza, Alana Gomes de
Lima, Klistenes Alves de
Sousa, Francisca Cléa Florenço de
Gaspar, Danielle Macedo
Fonteles, Marta Maria de França
Keywords: Estresse Oxidativo
Oxidative stress
Ácido Ascórbico
Ascorbic Acid
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: African Journal of Phar macy and Pharmacology
Citation: OLIVEIRA, A. de A. et al. Antioxidant properties of antiepileptic drugs levetiracetam and clonazepam in mice brain after in vitro-induced oxidative stress. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, v. 10, n. 14, p. 278-288, apr., 2016.
Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the in vitro antioxidant activity of the novel anticonvulsant levetiracetam and benzodiazepine clonazepam. To do this, the mice brain homogenates were incubated with levetiracetam (50, 100 or 200 g/ml) or clonazepam (50, 100 or 200 g/ml), and then, submitted to heating at 37°C for 1 h. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C, 200 g/ml) was used as reference antioxidant drug. The markers of oxidative stress, such as lipid peroxidation, nitrite-nitrate content, catalase activity, and reduced glutathione (GSH) levels, were measured in brain homogenates. The group submitted to the heating-induced oxidative stress showed an increase in lipid peroxidation, nitrite-nitrate content, and catalase activity. Previous incubation with levetiracetam and clonazepam, mainly at lower doses (50 and 100 g/ml), and similarly to vitamin C, prevented these pro-oxidative changes, reducing the lipid peroxidation, nitrite-nitrate contents and catalase activity, and increasing GSH levels. These findings demonstrate antioxidant properties of levetiracetam and clonazepam, and help to elucidate the role of protection against oxidative stress in the neuroprotective mechanism of antiepileptic drugs.
metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
ISSN: 1996-0816
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