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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Metaphorizing violence in the UK and Brazil: a contrastive discourse dynamics study
Authors: Cameron, Lynne
Pelosi, Ana Cristina
Feltes, Heloísa Pedroso de Moraes
Keywords: Violência no Brasil;Violência no Reino Unido;Metáforas
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Cameron, L.; Pelosi, A. C.; Feltes, H. P. M. (2014)
Abstract: A cross-linguistic/cultural study of verbal metaphor compares responses to terrorism in the UK (N = 96) and to urban violence in Brazil (N = 11). Focus groups discussed how violence changes perceptions of risk, decisions of daily life, and attitudes to others. Metaphor vehicles were identified in transcribed data, then grouped together semantically; 15 vehicle groupings were used with similar frequencies, 16 groupings more in UK data, 14 more in Brazil data. Systematic and framing metaphors were found inside vehicle groupings. A small set of frequent verbal metaphors work as predicted by conceptual metaphor theory. Other verbal metaphor vehicles work much more specifically, as posited by discourse dynamics theory, metaphorizing contextually distinct aspects of living with violence. Major differences were found in responses to violence: UK participants demonstrate feelings of powerlessness and lack of agency through metaphor vehicles relating to Games of Chance, the Concealed nature of terrorist activity, and Body Postures negatively evaluating response from the authorities; Brazilian participants use metaphor vehicles of Violence to emphasize how the threat of urban violence itself becomes a powerful social force that constrains daily activities.
Description: CAMERON, Lynne; PELOSI, Ana Cristina; FELTES, Heloísa Pedroso de Moraes. Metaphorising violence in the UK and Brazil: A contrastive discourse dynamics study. Metaphor and Symbol, Reino Unido, v. 29, p. 23–43. 2014.
ISSN: 1532-7868 (Online)
1092-6488 (Print)
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