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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Biological restorations as an alternative to reconstructing posterior teeth : a case report
Authors: Albuquerque, Nadine Luísa Guimarães
Mendonça, J.S
Fonteles, C.S.R
Pereira, J.C
Santiago, S.L
Keywords: Dente Molar;Odontologia
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: Operative Dentistry
Citation: ALBUQUERQUE, N. L. G. Biological restorations as an alternative to reconstructing posterior teeth : a case report. Operative Dentistry, Seattle, v. 40, n. 2, p. 123-128, mar./apr. 2015.
Abstract: This article reports on a three-year follow-up of two biological restorations performed on a 15-year-old female patient. After clinical evaluation, tooth fragments from extracted permanent molars were obtained from a Human Teeth Bank and were autoclaved, adjusted to the prepared cavity, and bonded to the remaining tooth structure with dual resin cement. The technical aspects are described and the benefits and disadvantages of biological restorations as an alternative treatment for rehabilitation of severely destroyed permanent molars are discussed.
ISSN: Online :1559-2863
Print : 0361-7734
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