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Title in Portuguese: Emergence of azole-resistant Candida albicans in small ruminants
Author: Brilhante, R. S. N.
Silva, S. T. C.
Castelo-Branco, D. S. C. M.
Teixeira, Carlos Eduardo Cordeiro
Borges, L. C.
Bittencourt, P. V.
Oliveira, J. S. de
Monteiro, A. J.
Bandeira, T. de Jesus Pinheiro Gomes
Cordeiro, R. A.
Moreira, J. L. B.
Sidrim, J. J. C.
Rocha, M. F. G.
Keywords: Candida
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Mycopathologia
Citation: BRILHANTE, R. S. N. et al. Emergence of azole-resistant Candida albicans in small ruminants. Mycopathologia, The Hague, v. 180, n. 3, p. 277-280, oct. 2015.
Abstract: Small ruminant production is a common agricultural activity worldwide. However, studies on the fungal microbiota of these animals are scarce. Therefore, this study aimed at isolating yeasts from goats and sheep and evaluating the antifungal susceptibility of the recovered Candida albicans. A total of 120 animals from farms in Ceará State, Brazil, were assessed in this study. The samples were collected from nasal, oral and rectal cavities with sterile swabs. Candida spp., Trichosporon spp. and Rhodotorula spp. were isolated from small ruminants. Resistance to three azole drugs was observed in C. albicans. In summary, Candida spp. were predominantly observed as part of the microbiota of the nasal, oral and rectal cavities of small ruminants, including azole-resistant strains of C. albicans.
metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
ISSN: 0301-486X
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