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Title in Portuguese: Design de uma Poiesis
Title: Design of a poiesis
Author: Cardoso, Daniel Ribeiro
Lima, Daniel Lenz Costa
Rodrigues, André Nogueira Paes de Paula
Keywords: Arquitetura
Gramática gerativa
Processo generativo
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: SIGRADI 2009
Citation: CARDOSO, D. R.; LIMA, Daniel L. C.; RODRIGUES, André N. P. P. (2009)
Abstract: This article seeks an adequate manner to stand for a generative process in architecture. The processes of typology development in a vernacular architecture is adopted. As a proper cultural object, a type is perceived as a general principle of creation, a supra-individual mechanism. In that context, there are some issues concerning the research problem: how to adequately represent a poiesis? The related theories to support this research development are distinct. However, the theoretical framework point out shape grammar as a base for generative process representation in architecture. A generative system that operates with the same generative logic is proposed.
Description: CARDOSO, D. R.; RODRIGUES, André N. P. P.; LIMA, Daniel L. C. Design de uma poiesis. In: SIGRADI, 2009, São Paulo. SIGRADI. Anais... São Paulo: comdesenho, 2009. v. 1. p. 33-35.
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