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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Ecologia das medusas (CNIDARIA: SCYPHOZOA, CUBOZOA) na enseada do mucuripe, Fortaleza, Nordeste do BrasilSoares, Marcelo de Oliveira; Matthews-Cascon, Helena
2019Divers perceptions and implications for sustainable tourism management in the Ceará State coast, BrazilPantalena, Ana Flávia; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira; Rodrigues, Luís Miguel Campos
2021Rethinking the Environmental Quality of Brazilian Beaches: The Incidence of Microplastics as Indicator for Sea Water and Sand QualityDiogenes, Beatriz Nunes; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira; Mont'Alverne, Tarin Cristino Frota
2021Non-indigenous upside-down jellyfish Cassiopea andromeda in shrimp farms (Brazil)Thé, Jorge; Gamero-Mora, Edgar; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira; et al
2021Deep reefs are not refugium for shallow-water fish communities in the southwestern AtlanticMedeiros, Aline P. M.; Ferreira, Beatrice P.; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira; et al
2021Marine debris from the past - Contamination of the Brazilian shore by a WWII wreckTeixeira, Carlos Eduardo Peres; Cavalcante, Rivelino Martins; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira
2021Sustainable development goals against Covid-19: the performance of brazilian cities In Sdgs 3 And 6 and their reflection on the pandemicSilva, Felipe R. da; Câmara, Samuel F.; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira
2020Stable isotopes used to assess pollution impacts on coastal and marine ecosystems of Cuba and MéxicoZayas, Roberto González-De Zayas; Hernández-Fernández, Leslie; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira
2020Shipwrecks help invasive coral to expand range in the Atlantic OceanSoares, Marcelo de Oliveira; Salami, Suli; Paiva, Sandra Vieira
2021An urban intertidal reef is dominated by fleshy macroalgae, sediment, and bleaching of a resilient coral (Siderastrea stellata)Barros, Yasmin; Lucas, Caroline Costa; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira