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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Atmospheric mercury deposition over Brazil during the past 30,000 yearsLacreda, Luiz Drude de; Turco, B.; Ribeiro, M. G; et al
2002Contribution of a medium-sized tropical river to the particulate heavy-metal load for the South Atlantic OceanLacerda, Luiz Drude de; Carvalho, C.E.V.; Salomão, M.S.M.B.; et al
2020Copula-based multivariate frequency analysis of the 2012–2018 drought in Northeast BrazilPontes Filho, João Dehon; Souza Filho, Francisco de Assis; Martins, Eduardo Sávio Passos Rodrigues; et al
2021Deep reefs are not refugium for shallow-water fish communities in the southwestern AtlanticMedeiros, Aline P. M.; Ferreira, Beatrice P.; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira; et al
2002Forest fire indicators and mercury deposition in an intense landuse change region in the Brazilian Amazon(Alta Floresta, MTCordeiro, R.C.; Turq, B.; Lacerda, Luiz Drude de; et al
1998Geochemical characterization of rain water particulate material on a coastal sub-tropical region in BrazilLacerda, Luiz Drude de; Paiva, R. P.; Wasserman, J. C.; et al
1998Geochemical Characterization of Rain Water Particulate Material on a Coastal Sub-Tropical Region in SE: BrazilSilva-Filho, E. V.; Paiva, R. P.; Lacerda, Luiz Drude de; et al
1998Geochemistry of mercury in sediments of a sub-tropical coastal lagoon, Sepetiba Bay, Southeastern BrazilMarins, Rozane V.; Lacerda, Luis Drude de; Paraquetti, H. H. M.; et al
2002Mercury Concentrations in Bulk Atmospheric Deposition over the Coast of Rio de Janeiro, Southeast, BrazilLacerda, Luiz Drude de; Rezende, C. E.; Paraquetti, H. H. M.; et al
1997Mercury exposure through fish consumption in the urban area of Alta Floresta in the Amazon BasinLacerda, Luiz Drude de; Halcon, S. S.; Rocehdo, E. R. R.; et al
2021Non-indigenous upside-down jellyfish Cassiopea andromeda in shrimp farms (Brazil)Thé, Jorge; Gamero-Mora, Edgar; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira; et al
2001Particulate heavy metal transport in the lower Para´ıba doSul River basin, southeastern, BrazilSalomão, M. S. M. B.; Molisani, Mauricio Mussi; Carvalho, C. E.; Lacerda, Luiz Drude de; et al
2021Retirement risks: Invasive coral on old oil platform on the Brazilian equatorial continental shelfBraga, Marcus Davis Andrade; Paiva, Sandra Vieira; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira; et al
2021Socioeconomic vulnerability of communities on the Brazilian coast to the largest oil spill (2019-2020) in tropical oceansCâmara, Samuel Façanha; Pinto, Francisco Roberto; Soares, Marcelo de Oliveira; et al
1998The dynamics of heavy metals through litterfall and decomposition in a red mangrove forestSilva, C.A.R.; Lacerda, Luis Drude de; Ovalle, A.R.; et al
2002The effect of an oil drilling operation on the trace metal concentrations in offshore bottom sediments of the Bacia de Campos oil field, SE BrazilRezende, C. E.; Lacerda, Luiz Drude; Ovalle, A. R. C.; et al