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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Assessing the complex formation between crotamine a naturalc cell- penetrating peptide and DNA using high sensitive fluorescence exclusion assayFreitas, V. J. F.; Alcântara-Neto, A. S.; Pereira, A. F.; Campelo, Iana S.; Melo, L. M.; Rádis-Baptista, Ghandi
2008Buck (Capra hircus) genes encode new members of the spermadhesin familyMelo, Luciana Magalhães; Teixeira, Dárcio Ítalo Alves; Havt, Alexandre; Cunha, Maranguape Silva da; Rádis-Baptista, Ghandi
2009Cloning of serine protease cDNAs from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom gland and expression of a functional Gyroxin homologue in COS7 cellsYonamine, C.M.; Prieto-da-Silva, A.R.B.; Magalhães, G. S.; Rádis-Baptista, Ghandi; Morganti, Ligia; Ambiel, F. C.; Chura-Chambi, R.M.; Camillo, M.A.P.
2005Effect of multimer size and a natural dimorphism on the binding of convulxin to platelet glycoprotein (GP)VIKata, K.; Furihata, K.; Cheli, Y.; Rádis-Baptista, Ghandi; Kunicki, T.J.
2004Identification of crotasin, a crotamine-related gene of Crotalus durissus terrificusRádis-Baptista, Ghandi; Kubob, T.; Oguiura, Nancy; Prieto da Silva, A.R.B.; Hayashid, M.A.F.; Oliveirae, E.B.; Yamane, T.
2019The antiproliferative peptide Ctn[15-34] is active against multidrug-resistant yeasts and Candida albicans and C. neoformsAguiar, Francisca Lidiane Linhares de; Cavalcante, Carolina Sidrim De Paula; Fontenelle, Raquel Oliveira dos Santos; Falcão, Cláudio Borges; Andreu, David; Rádis-Baptista, Ghandi