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Dec-2017Activated neuro-oxidative and neuro-nitrosative pathways at the end of term are associated with inflammation and physio-somatic and depression symptoms, while predicting outcome characteristics in mother and babyRoomruangwong, Chutima; Barbosa, Decio Sabbatini; Matsumoto, Andressa Keiko; Nogueira, André de Souza; Kanchanatawan, Buranee; Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Carvalho, André Ferrer; Duleu, Sebastien; Geffard, Michel; Moreira, Estefania Gastaldello; Maes, Michael
Apr-2018Add-on treatment with curcumin has antidepressive effects in thai patients with major depression: results of a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studyKanchanatawan, Buranee; Tangwongchai, Sookjaroen; Sughondhabhirom, Atapol; Suppapitiporn, Siriluck; Hemrunrojn, Solaphat; Carvalho, André F.; Maes, Michael
Jan-2017Depression in cancer : the many biobehavioral pathways driving tumor progressionBortolato, Beatrice; Hyphantis, Thomas N.; Valpione, Sara; Perini, Giulia; Maes, Michael; Morris, Gerwyn; Kubera, Marta Kubera; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Fernandes, Brisa S.; Stubbs, Brendon; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Carvalho, André F.
Jul-2017Depressive, anxiety and hypomanic symptoms in schizophrenia may be driven by tryptophan catabolite (TRYCAT) patterning of IgA and IgM responses directed to TRYCATsKanchanatawan, Buranee; Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Carvalho, André F.; Anderson, George; Galecki, Piotr; Maes, Michael
Jan-2018Food addiction: prevalence, psychopathological correlates and associations with quality of life in a large sampleNunes-Neto, Paulo R.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Schuch, Felipe B.; Solmi, Marco; Quevedo, João; Maes, Michael; Murru, Andrea; Vieta, Eduard; McIntyre, Roger S.; McElroy, Susan L.; Gearhardt, Ashley N.; Stubbs, Brendon; Carvalho, André F.
2017Gut microbiota, bacterial translocation, and interactions with diet : pathophysiological links between major depressive disorder and non-communicable medical comorbiditiesSlyepchenko, Anastasiya; Maes, Michael; Jacka, Felice N.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Barichello, Tatiana; McIntyre, Roger S.; Berk, Michael; Grande, Iria; Foster, Jane A.; Vieta, Eduard; Carvalho, André F.
2017IDO chronic immune activation and tryptophan metabolic pathway : a potential pathophysiological link between depression and obesityChaves Filho, Adriano José Maia; Lima, Camila Nayane Carvalho; Vasconcelos, Silvânia Maria Mendes; Lucena, David Freitas de; Maes, Michael; Macedo, Danielle
Jun-2017IgM-mediated autoimmune responses to oxidative specific epitopes, but not nitrosylated adducts, are significantly decreased in pregnancy: association with bacterial translocation, perinatal and lifetime major depression and the tryptophan catabolite (TRYCAT) pathwayRoomruangwong, Chutima; Kanchanatawan, Buranee; Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Anderson, George; Carvalho, André F.; Duleu, Sebastien; Geffard, Michel; Maes, Michael
Aug-2018Imaging genetics paradigms in depression research: systematic review and meta-analysisPereira, Lícia P.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Stubbs, Brendon; Miskowiak, Kamilla W.; Morris, Gerwyn; Freitas, Bárbara P. de Freitas; Thompson, Trevor; Fernandes, Brisa S.; Brunoni, André R.; Maes, Michael; Pizzagalli, Diego A.; Carvalho, André F.
Mar-2018In major affective disorders, early life trauma predict increased nitro-oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation and protein oxidation and recurrence of major affective disorders, suicidal behaviors and a lowered quality of lifeMoraes, Juliana Brum; Maes, Michael; Roomruangwong, Chutima; Bonifacio, Kamila Landucci; Barbosa, Decio Sabbatini; Vargas, Heber Odebrecht; Anderson, George; Kubera, Marta; Carvalho, Andre F.; Nunes, Sandra Odebrecht Vargas
Apr-2018In schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and physiosomatic symptoms are strongly related to psychotic symptoms and excitation, impairments in episodic memory, and increased production of neurotoxic tryptophan catabolites: a multivariate and machine learning studyKanchanatawan, Buranee; Thika, Supaksorn; Sirivichayakul, Sunee; Carvalho, André F.; Geffard, Michel; Maes, Michael
Mar-2019Leptin prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced depressive-like behaviors in mice: involvement of dopamine receptorsCordeiro, Rafaela Carneiro; Chaves Filho, Adriano José Maia; Medeiros, Camila Dantas; Queiroz, Ana Isabelle de Góis; Maes, Michael; Macedo, Danielle S.; Carvalho, Andre F.
Apr-2018Major differences in neurooxidative and neuronitrosative stress pathways between major depressive disorder and types Iand II bipolar disorderMaes, Michael; Bonifacio, Kamila Landucci; Morelli, Nayara Rampazzo; Vargas, Heber Odebrecht; Barbosa, Décio Sabbatini; Carvalho, André F.; Nunes, Sandra Odebrecht Vargas
2017Peripheral cytokine and chemokine alterations in depression : a meta-analysis of 82 studiesKöhler, Cristiano A.; Freitas, Thiago H.; Maes, Michael; Andrade, Nayanna Q. de; Liu, Celina S.; Fernandes, Brisa S.; Stubbs, Brendon; Solmi, M.; Veronese, Nicola; Herrmann, Nathan; Raison, Charles L.; Miller, Brian J.; Lanctôt, Krista L.; Carvalho, Andre F.
Aug-2017Shared metabolic and immune-in fl ammatory, oxidative and nitrosative stress pathways in the metabolic syndrome and mood disordersMelo, Luiz Gustavo Piccoli de; Nunes, Sandra Odebrecht Vargas; Anderson, George; Vargas, Heber Odebrecht; Barbosa, Décio Sabbattini; Galecki, Piotr; Carvalho, André F.; Maes, Michael
Mar-2018The endoplasmic reticulum stress response in neuroprogressive diseases: emerging pathophysiological role and translational implicationsMorris, Gerwyn; Puri, Basant K.; Walder, Ken; Berk, Michael; Stubbs, Brendon; Maes, Michael; Carvalho, André F.
2017Thyroid autoimmunity in bipolar disorder : a systematic reviewBarbuti, Margherita; Carvalho, André F.; Köhlerc, Cristiano A.; Murru, Andrea; Verdolini, Norma Verdolini; Guiso, Giovanni; Samalin, Ludovic; Maes, Michael; Stubbs, Brendon; Perugi, Giulio; Vieta, Eduard; Pacchiarotti, Isabella