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2016Circumscription and synopsis of Eugenia section Speciosae Bünger & Mazine (Myrtaceae)Bünger, Mariana de Oliveira; Mazine, Fiorella Fernanda; Lucas, Eve J.; Stehmann, João Renato
2010Evolution of exceptional species richness among lineages of fleshy-fruited MyrtaceaeBiffin, Ed; Lucas, Eve J.; Craven, Lyn A.; Costa, Itayguara Ribeiro da; Harrington, Mark G.; Crisp, Michael D.
2015Myrtaceae in the Atlantic forest: their role as a ‘model’ groupLucas, Eve J.; Bünger, Mariana O.
2017Myrteae phylogeny, calibration, biogeography and diversification patterns: Increased understanding in the most species rich tribe of MyrtaceaeVasconcelos, Thais N. C.; Proença, Carol E. B.; Ahmad, Berhaman; Aguilar, Daniel S.; Aguilar, Reinaldo; Amorim, Bruno S.; Campbell, Keron; Costa, Itayguara R.; Carvalho, Plauto S. De; Faria, Jair E. Q.; Giaretta, Augusto; Kooij, Pepijn W.; Lima, Duane F.; Mazine, Fiorella F.; Peguero, Brigido; Prenner, Gerhard; Santos, Matheus F.; Soewarto, Julia; Wingler, Astrid; Lucas, Eve J.
2015Systematic and evolutionary implications of stamen position in Myrteae (Myrtaceae)Vasconcelos, Thais N. C.; Prenner, Gerhard; Bunger, Mariana O.; Carvalho, Plauto S.; Wingler, Astrid; Lucas, Eve J.
2016The evolutionary history of Eugenia sect. Phyllocalyx (Myrtaceae) corroborates historically stable areas in the southern Atlantic forestsBünger, Mariana de Oliveira; Mazine, Fiorella Fernanda; Forest, Félix; Bueno, Marcelo Leandro; Stehmann, João Renato; Lucas, Eve J.