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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2018Chronic physical conditions, multimorbidity, and mild cognitive impairment in low- and middle-Income countriesKoyanagi, Ai; Lara, Elvira; Stubbs, Brendon; Carvalho, Andre F.; Oh, Hans; Stickley, Andrew; Veronese, Nicola; Vancampfort, Davy
Oct-2017Efficacy, safety and tolerability of aripiprazole in bipolar disorder : an updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsLi, Dian-Jeng; Tseng, Ping-Tao; Stubbs, Brendon; Chu, Che-Sheng; Chang, Han-Yung; Vieta, Eduard; Fornaro, Michele; Carvalho, Andre F.; Solmi, Marco; Veronese, Nicola; Chen, Tien-Yu; Chen, Yen-Wen; Lin, Pao-Yen; Chows, Philip Chik-keung
Mar-2018In major affective disorders, early life trauma predict increased nitro-oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation and protein oxidation and recurrence of major affective disorders, suicidal behaviors and a lowered quality of lifeMoraes, Juliana Brum; Maes, Michael; Roomruangwong, Chutima; Bonifacio, Kamila Landucci; Barbosa, Decio Sabbatini; Vargas, Heber Odebrecht; Anderson, George; Kubera, Marta; Carvalho, Andre F.; Nunes, Sandra Odebrecht Vargas
Mar-2019Leptin prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced depressive-like behaviors in mice: involvement of dopamine receptorsCordeiro, Rafaela Carneiro; Chaves Filho, Adriano José Maia; Medeiros, Camila Dantas; Queiroz, Ana Isabelle de Góis; Maes, Michael; Macedo, Danielle S.; Carvalho, Andre F.
Feb-2017Nonverbal behaviors are associated with increased vagal activity in major depressive disorder : implications for the polyvagal theoryFernandes, Raquel A.; Fiquer, Juliana T.; Gorenstein, Clarice; Razza, Lais Boralli; Fraguas Jr, Renério; Borrione, Lucas; Benseñor, Isabela M.; Lotufo, Paulo A.; Dantas, Eduardo Miranda; Carvalho, Andre F.; Brunoni, André R.
May-2017Oxidative stress and frailty : a systematic review and synthesis of the best evidenceSoysal, Pinar; Isik, Ahmet Turan; Carvalho, Andre F.; Fernandes, Brisa S.; Solmi, Marco; Schofield, Patricia; Veronese, Nicola; Stubbs, Brendon
May-2017Pain perception in Parkinson’s disease : a systematic review and meta-analysis of experimental studiesThompson, Trevor; Gallop, Katy; Correll, Christoph U.; Carvalho, Andre F.; Veronese, Nicola; Wright, Ellen; Stubbs, Brendon
2017Peripheral cytokine and chemokine alterations in depression : a meta-analysis of 82 studiesKöhler, Cristiano A.; Freitas, Thiago H.; Maes, Michael; Andrade, Nayanna Q. de; Liu, Celina S.; Fernandes, Brisa S.; Stubbs, Brendon; Solmi, M.; Veronese, Nicola; Herrmann, Nathan; Raison, Charles L.; Miller, Brian J.; Lanctôt, Krista L.; Carvalho, Andre F.
Jul-2017Relationship between depression and frailty in older adults : a systematic review and meta-analysisSoysal, Pinar; Veronese, Nicola; Thompson, Trevor; Kahl, Kai G.; Fernandes, Brisa S.; Prina, A. Matthew; Solmi, Marco; Schofieldk, Patricia; Koyanagi, Ai; Tseng, Ping-Tao; Lin, Pao-Yao; Chu, Che-Sheng; Cosco, Theodore D.; Cesari, Matteo; Carvalho, Andre F.; Stubbs, Brendon
2017The relationship of the perceived impact of the current Greek recession with increased suicide risk is moderated by mental illness in patients with longterm conditionsNtountoulaki, Elisavet; Paika, Vassiliki; Papaioannou, Dimitra; Guthrie, Elspeth; Kotsis, Konstantinos; Fountoulakis, Konstantinos N.; Carvalho, Andre F.; Hyphantis, Thomas
Apr-2018Use of statins and the risk of dementia and mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review and meta-analysisChu, Che-Sheng; Tseng, Ping-Tao; Stubbs, Brendon; Chen, Tien-Yu; Tang, Chia-Hung; Li, Dian-Jeng; Yang, Wei-Cheng; Chen, Yen-Wen; Wu, Ching-Kuan; Veronese, Nicola; Carvalho, Andre F.; Fernandes, Brisa S.; Herrmann, Nathan; Lin, Pao-Yen