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Title in Portuguese: Effectiveness of laser therapy (AlGaInP) on cicatrization of experimental cutaneous wound in rats
Author: Vasconcelos, Renata dos Santos
Vasconcelos, Renata Prado
Melo, Luana Torres Monteiro
Castro, Carolina Araújo
Campos, Adriana Rolim
Abdon, Ana Paula Vasconcellos
Keywords: Terapia a Laser
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: International Journal of Clinical Medicine
Citation: VASCONCELOS, R. S. Effectiveness of laser therapy (AlGaInP) on cicatrization of experimental cutaneous wound in rats. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, v. 5, n. 9, p. 525-530, abr. 2014.
Abstract: The use of laser therapy is one of the most effective tools in the prevention and treatment of skin ulcers. It is an effective treatment choice because it potentiates the trophic regenerative, anti inflammatory, and painkiller effects. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of low level laser therapy in treating induced cutaneous ulcers in rats. An experimental study using 12 female Wistar rats (Rattus novergicus), weighing between 150 and 250 g, from the room of animal husbandry at the Center of Health Sciences of UNIFOR. Rats underwent surgery to induce cutaneous ulcer. Subsequently, the animals were divided into two randomized groups: 1) Control group; and 2) Experimental group. They received nine applications of AlGaInP laser treatment (power of 30 mW) with an intensity of 4 J/cm2, using the scan method, for 15 seconds over the entire ulcer. The cicatrization process was evaluated from the 1st to 19th postoperative (PO) day, but on alternate days. The results showed that animals treated with laser had less area of cutaneous wound than the control group from the 7th until the 17th postoperative day, highlighting the 7th and the 9th PO with a significant reduction in wound area of 28.8% (p = 0.00) and 23,5% (p = 0.01), respectively. Treatment with the AlGaInP laser was effective in the repair of cutaneous wound when compared to the control group—particularly on the 7th postoperative day.
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