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Title in Portuguese: Students leaving home and entering the housing market
Author: Brandli, Luciana Londero
Heineck, Luiz Fernando Mählmann
Pandolfo, Adalberto
Keywords: Habitação
Habitação - Estudantes
Mercado imobiliário
Issue Date: 18-Jan-2006
Publisher: Construction in Developing Countries International Symposium
Citation: BRANDLI, L. L.; HEINECK, L. F. M.; PANDOLFO, A. Students leaving home and entering the housing market. In: CONSTRUCTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, 2006, Santiago. Anais… Santiago: CIB, 2006.
Abstract in Portuguese: This study is about the housing demand for students. This research examines the students’ housing choice, in order to explore the students’ pattern of living in greater depth and to obtain a better understanding of their needs and how they might be linked with the students’ attraction for a city. This research was conducted at the Universidade Regional do Noroeste do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (UNIJUI), in Ijuí, south of Brazil. The data was collected from university students. Initially, research focused on how and why young students leave the parental home and enter the housing market. After that, we analyzed the housing preferences expressed by these students with the stated preference method. In summary, the results show that the students left the parents’ home due to the course type, paid activity, the distance between the parents house and the university, age, marital status, number of disciplines, financial dependence, own income; parents’income and financial support value.About the housing choice, the rent and the arrangement are the more important attributes. The students prefer cheaper habitations and also prefer to live near the university, in habitations with furniture, in habitations with better comfort. Thus, it is important to know more about the housing-market, independent from the location in the world.
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