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Title in Portuguese: Spread of BIM: a comparative analysis of scientific production in brazil and abroad
Author: Carneiro, Thaís Marilane
Lins, Deborah Martins de Oliveira
Barros Neto, José de Paula
Keywords: Pesquisadores
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction
Citation: CARNEIRO, T. M. ; LINS, D. M. O. ; BARROS NETO, J. P. Spread of BIM: a comparative analysis of scientific production in brazil and abroad. In: ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE INTERNATIONAL GROUP FOR LEAN CONSTRUCTION, 20., 2012, San Diego, California. Anais... San Diego: Montezuma Publishing, 2012.
Abstract: This paper is a bibliometric research that aim to compare Brazilian and international scenario in BIM technology in the last two years. The study aims to search for the best-known authors; the amount of their publications; academic authors titles that appear more frequently; identify which institutions publish more articles, both in Brazil and abroad; and detect which countries invest more in research on the subject under examination. To this end, a research was carried out in articles published in annals of events and national and international academic journals specifically in the years 2010 and 2011. The articles should contain in their titles, abstracts or keywords at least one of the 13 terms considered necessary to be selected for analysis. It was concluded that despite being incipient, studies on BIM have been evolved, showing an increasing number of academic research. In that context, Brazil had an important participation in international publications, as well as foreign universities have also contributed to publications on BIM in Brazilian events.
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