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Title in Portuguese: Um passeio pelas obras de Rosalía de Castro
Author: Feliciano, Maria Cristina Peixoto
Keywords: Literatura
Castro, Rosália
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: UFC
Citation: FELICIANO , Maria Cristina Peixoto. Um passeio pelas obras de Rosalía de Castro. Pesquisas em lingüística e literatura: descrição, aplicação, ensino. Fortaleza: Universidade Federal do Ceará-GELNE, 2002. p.759.
Abstract: Rosalía de Castro e Murguía was born in Santiago de Compostela in 1837 and died in Padrón in 1885. Being a determined Galician, she published poems in the Galician language when it was not considered a literary language yet. In 1863, Cantares gallegos was published, the first written work in the Galician language by Rosalía de Castro, inaugurating the “Renaissance” of Galician literature. In Cantares gallegos, Rosalía de Castro reveals the cultural greatness of her people. Her second book was Follas novas, published in 1880. In this work, we notice two thematic nuclei: the first, the rural world, social protest and emigration. The second nucleus, her homeland and its people are exalted. All this suffering and thematic unrest demand an innovative meter. Recently, some critics have affirmed that Follas novas is the first poetic creation of peninsular literature of the XIX century. Today, Rosalía de Castro´s great value as a prose writer has been rediscovered by critics in El Caballero de las botas azules. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: literatura; espanha; Rosalía.
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