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Title in Portuguese: O tratamento dos gêneros textuais em um livro didático do ensino fundamental
Author: Nascimento, Lucélia Lopes
Keywords: Gênero textual
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: UFC
Citation: NASCIMENTO, Lucélia Lopes. O tratamento dos gêneros textuais em um livro didático do ensino fundamental. Pesquisas em lingüística e literatura: descrição, aplicação, ensino. Fortaleza: Universidade Federal do Ceará-GELNE, 2002. p.457-459.
Abstract: This study has for purpose to do an analysis of the didactic proposal of the book Analysis, Language and Thought (ALP), in the area of Portuguese Language destined to the students’ of the 5a series of the Fundamental Teaching teaching II. We intended, through this analysis, to observe like the authors, Maria Cócco and Marcos Haller, they apply the concept of textual gender proposed by the Parameters National Curriculares (PCNs) elaborated by MEC. For that, texts were selected, which are inserted in the following units: Unit I - Places and people; Unit II - The time through the time; Unit III - Curiosities. It is worth to stand out that inside of each unit, we will just consider the understanding parts and textual production, taking into account the choice of the genres and their exploration forms.
metadata.dc.type: Capítulo de Livro
ISBN: 85-960478-0-3
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