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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011QoE-based packet dropper controllers for multimedia streaming in WiMAX networksCosta, Allan; Quadros, Carlos; Melo, Adalberto; Cerqueira, Eduardo Coelho; Abelém, Antônio Jorge Gomes; Venâncio Neto, Augusto José; Monteiro, Edmundo; Rodrigues, David
2011Mecanismo para aprovisionamento dinâmico e escalável em redes em malha sem fio para suporte de aplicações com alta demanda de recursosVenâncio Neto, Augusto José; Patrick, Eric; Cerqueira, Eduardo Coelho; Aguiar, Rui; Abelém, Antônio Jorge Gomes
2010Cancellation of nonlinear inter-carrier interference in OFDM systems with nonlinear power-amplifiersFernandes, Carlos Alexandre Rolim; Mota, João César Moura; Favier, Gérard
2011Wavelet transform and artificial neural networks applied to voice disorders identificationCarvalho, Raphael Torres Santos; Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro; Cortez, Paulo César
2012An analytical closed-form lower-bound on ergodic capacity of correlated rayleigh-fading MIMO channelsGuimarães, Antonio Alisson Pessoa; Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro
2012Quantization and noise impact over feedback reduction of MIMO systems using compressive sensingSá Netto, Raymundo Nogueira de; Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro
2010A Distributed approach for antenna subset selection in MIMO systemsGuerreiro, Igor Moáco; Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro
2010Multiuser CoMP transmit processing with statistical channel state information at the transmitterSousa, Lígia Maria Carvalho; Maciel, Tarcísio Ferreira; Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro
2011Session-oriented communication system for truly reliable and robust smart gridVenâncio Neto, Augusto José; Cerqueira, Eduardo Coelho; Souza, José Neuman de; Pirmez, Luci; Gomes, Danielo Gonçalves; Aguiar, Rui
2010A (Very) brief survey on optimization methods for wireless communication systemsGuimarães, Antonio Alisson Pessoa; Guerreiro, Igor Moáco; Sousa, Lígia Maria Carvalho; Moreira, Darlan Cavalcante; Maciel, Tarcísio Ferreira; Cavalcante, Charles Casimiro