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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Geradores de reluntância axial com núcleo do tipo C: projeto e acionamento.Teixeira, Vanessa Siqueira de Castro; Barros, Tárcio André dos Santos; Moreira, Adson Bezerra; Ruppert Filho, Ernesto
2017Aplicação de controle de potências para a geração eólica e filtragem de corrente harmônica com gerador de indução duplamente alimentado.Moreira, Adson Bezerra; Barros, Tárcio André dos Santos; Castro, Vanessa Siqueira de; Ruppert Filho, Ernesto
2017An approach for switched reluctance generator in a wind generation system with a wide range of operation speedBarros, Tárcio André dos Santos; Santos Neto, Pedro José dos; Nascimento Filho, Paulo Sergio; Moreira, Adson Bezerra
2018Conservative power theory: application in a wind system with DFIG to compensate harmonic currents and unbalance electric currentMoreira, Adson Bezerra; Souza, Ramon Rodrigues de; Barros, Tárcio André dos Santos; Ruppert Filho, Ernesto
2011Attenuation of Harmonics Utilizing new Control Strategies for the SVC in Brazilian Power SystemMACHADO, Isaac Rocha
21-Dec-2005Electronic excitation of CO by positron impactSILVA, Euclimar Passos da
2018Integration of a shunt active filter and energy storage to energy quality improvement in distributed power systemsMACHADO, Isaac Rocha
2011Wind power system based on Squirrel Cage Induction Generator.Machado, Isaac Rocha
2018Single-stage grid tied converter to improve solar PV array performance and power quality in microgeneration-consumers unitsMACHADO, Isaac Rocha
2012Modelling and simulation of wave energy hyperbaric converter (WEHC) for applications in distributed generationMACHADO, Isaac Rocha