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Title in Portuguese: Quantum protocols for zero-knowledge systems
Title: Quantum protocols for zero-knowledge systems
Author: Nascimento, José Cláudio do
Keywords: Zero-knowledge systems
Quantum protocols
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Quantum Inf Process
Citation: NASCIMENTO, J. C.
Abstract: Zero-knowledge proof system is an important protocol that can be used as a basic block for construction of other more complex cryptographic protocols. An intrinsic characteristic of a zero-knowledge systems is the assumption that is impossible for the verifier to show to a third party that he has interacted with the prover. However, it has been shown that using quantum correlations the impossibility of transferring proofs can be successfully attacked. In this work we show two new protocols for proof transference, being the first one based on teleportation and the second one without using entangled states. In this last case, we assume that the third party can communicate in advance with both verifier and prover. Following, we present a quantum zero-knowledge protocol based on quantum bit commitment that can be implemented with today technology.
Description: NASCIMENTO, J. C. Quantum protocols for zero-knowledge systems. 2009. Artigo (Quantum Inf Process). 2009
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