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Title in Portuguese: Poemas
Author: AVESQUE, Dina Aquino
Keywords: Poesia
Issue Date: 1989
Publisher: Revista de Letras =
Citation: AVESQUE, D. A. (1989)
Abstract in Portuguese: ESPERA Sombras soltas Pnradas Na imensidão etérea Im11tável. Sofrido rosto insone Pelo amor Ausente, Momentos lançados No tempo [...]
Abstract: Free Motionless lmmutable shadows In the ethereal vastness . Sleepless suffered face. For the beloved away . Moments thrust In time, Long walks Through Anguish Towards Nothing. Wir.d that no longer smiles Tunes that no longer play Stars that speak no more.
Description: AVESQUE,Dina Aquino. Poemas. Revista de Letras, Fortaleza, v. 14, n. 1/2, p.45-48, 1989.
metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
ISSN: 01018051
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