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Title in Portuguese: Bounds on topological abelian string-vortex and string-cigar from information-entropic measure
Author: Correa, Rafael Augusto Couceiro
Dantas, Davi Monteiro
Almeida, Carlos Alberto Santos de
Rocha Junior, Roldão da
Keywords: Teoria de campos (Física)
Entropia (Teoria da informação)
Entropia configuracional
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Physics Letters B
Citation: CORREA, R. A. C.; DANTAS, D. M.; ALMEIDA, C. A. S.; ROCHA JUNIOR, R. Bounds on topological abelian string-vortex and string-cigar from information-entropic measure. Physics Letters B, Amsterdã, v. 755, p. 358-362, 2016.
Abstract: In this work we obtain bounds on the topological Abelian string-vortex and on the string-cigar, by using a new measure of configurational complexity, known as configurational entropy. In this way, the information-theoretical measure of six-dimensional braneworlds scenarios iscapable to probe situations where the parameters responsible for the brane thickness are arbitrary. The so-called configurational entropy (CE) selects the best value of the parameter in the model. This is accomplished by minimizing the CE, namely, by selecting the most appropriate parameters in the model that correspond to the most organized system, based upon the Shannon information theory. This information-theoretical measure of complexity provides a complementary perspective to situations where strictly energy-based arguments are inconclusive. We show that the higher the energy the higher the CE, what shows an important correlation between the energy of the a localized field configuration and its associated entropic measure.
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ISSN: 0370-2693
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