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Title in Portuguese: A systematic literature review in Learning Analytics
Author: Corcho, Andrés Felipe Pineda
Cadavid, Julian Moreno
Keywords: Learning Analytics - systematic literature review
Systematic literature review-five-step proces
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: UFSCar
Citation: CORCHO, Andrés Felipe Pineda; CADAVID, Julian Moreno. A systematic literature review in Learning Analytics. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE INFORMÁTICA NA EDUCAÇÃO, 7., 29 out.-01 nov. 2018, Fortaleza (CE). Anais... Fortaleza (CE): SBC, 2018. p. 429-438.
Abstract in Portuguese: This paper presents a systematic literature review in Learning Analytics with the aim of providing a general overview for researchers about the current state of this area and in which educational contexts it has been applied. A five-step process was followed. First, a series of research questions were proposed in relation to the objectives, models, techniques and contexts in order to obtain an overview of the topic and its applications. Those questions allowed to direct the search to find relevant documents in this area, then a filtering process was carried out, followed by an evaluation process and finally, the analysis of the information to answer the questions proposed initially.
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ISSN: 2316 8889
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